Terms to Include in an Employment Agreement

What important terms should be included in an employment agreement?

Typically an employment agreement should address the following:

  • Position and duties - What is the position of the employee and what duties will the employee have?
  • Term - How long should the agreement last for? Is it ongoing?
  • Notice in Advance of Termination - The employee will be entitled to at the minimum notice in advance of termination required under applicable law, but may be offered an extended notice period or may be limited to the minimum contractually. 
  • Remuneration - How will the employee be paid? Is it an annual salary, paid by the hour, etc?
  • Vacation, Sick Days, Parental Leave Entitlements - The employee is entitled to at least the minimum entitlements under applicable legislation but may be offered more. 
  • Benefits - Will the employee be entitled to receive benefits? 
  • Intellectual Property/Work Product - Who will own any work product created by the employee? 
  • Confidentiality - What information/materials should be kept confidential by the employee?
  • Non-Solicitation - Will the employee be restricted from soliciting the company's personnel or clients?

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