Operating in All Provinces

Can my business operate in all provinces?

Typically, to "carry on business" in a particular province in Canada you need to be incorporated in that province or have the business license to operate in that province. If your company is already incorporated in a different jurisdiction (another province or foreign country), you will need an "Extra-provincial License". 

Each province has legislation that provides a definition of what is considered "carrying on business". 

The process of obtaining an Extra-provincial License will depend on the province. Federal corporations wishing to conduct business in multiple provinces must also "register" to do business in that province. Generally, it is easier (and cheaper) to register to do business in multiple provinces with a federal corporation than it is for a provincial corporation to obtain an Extra-provincial License. 

Federal corporations who wish to register to do business in Ontario may do so easily, at the time of incorporation directly through Corporations Canada. 

For help with extra-provincial licenses and provincial registrations, please contact Oziel Law.

If you would like to incorporate and organize your startup in Ontario or Federally, click here

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