Preliminary and comprehensive search

What is the difference between a preliminary trademark search and a comprehensive search?

The preliminary and comprehensive searches are very important stages in the registration of your trademark. Words or designs that could be confused with an already registered or pending trademark are non-registerable. As such, it is important to ensure your mark is novel and unique so you can use it to brand your company.

Our basic or preliminary search, where we search the Canadian trademarks registry for identical trademarks, is completed free of charge. You may also conduct this search on your own on the Canadian Trademarks Registry.

Our comprehensive search is a full registry and common law Canadian trademark search that is conducted using various platforms and is reviewed and analyzed in detail by one of our trademark lawyers. We charge towards the comprehensive search we complete on your behalf. These search results are collected, recorded and provided to you in a report where specific components are highlighted for your review. Based on these results, our lawyers advise what the best course of action may be.

To order a comprehensive search for your word mark, click here

To order a comprehensive search for your design mark, click here

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